How to grow nails?

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  • Do you dream of having long and strong nails, but they have trouble growing? Don't panic, there are a few simple tricks to make them grow faster.

    First of all, it is important to understand that nails are made up of keratin, a protein that gives them their strength. Growth begins in the matrix, located below the cuticles, and is naturally slow (about 3-4mm per month). However, many factors can slow down this growth even more, such as stress, fatigue, an unbalanced diet and external aggressions.

    To promote the growth of your nails, here are some tips to follow:

    • Eat a diet rich in protein, calcium, zinc, copper, and B vitamins. This will help your nails get stronger and grow faster. You can include whole grains, eggs, meats, fish, dairy products, nuts, fruits and green vegetables in your diet. If you are vitamin deficient, you can also take dietary supplements for a temporary boost.

    • Use nourishing and fortifying nail cosmetics. Some brands offer treatments that promote blood flow to the matrix, which can improve your nail growth. You can also opt for protective and nourishing varnishes to strengthen your nails.

    • Protect your nails from the outside. Nails are fragile and can break or split easily. To protect them, use protective varnishes and avoid mistreating them (for example, by scratching or gnawing them).

    • Take care of your cuticles. Cuticles play an important role in nail growth, as they protect the matrix. To maintain them, moisturize them regularly and push them back carefully during your manicure.

    By following these tips, you should see your nails grow faster and stronger. However, it is important to note that nail growth is a slow process that requires time and patience. If you find that your nails are taking longer to grow than usual, there may be an underlying health issue. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor or dermatologist for a diagnosis and appropriate advice.

    Hoping that these tips will be useful for you to have long and strong nails! Remember to take care of yourself and your body, as this is the key to having beautiful skin, healthy hair and nails.

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