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We are delighted to share our story with you. Teelty was born from the desire of its founders to offer individuals trendy products of recognized quality at the best prices. Specialists in direct negotiation with suppliers, thanks to ten years' experience in the business of high technology and buildings, the questioning came naturally

  • Why not make sense of trade?

Why not give meaning to commerce by proposing an enlightened and enriching approach both for the customers and for themselves.

The Teelty team has a real knowledge of international trade...

Rigor, quality and customer satisfaction: But what values to put in the relationship with the customer.


  • The story tells...

The story goes that one of them convinced that trend, quality and studied price could make the perfect story between customers and sellers decided to put at the heart of the transaction a real culture of trust, reassuring and pragmatic concerning the products offered;

The enthusiasm and passion of each determined the enthusiastic choices of products based on unifying customer satisfaction criteria:

Amazing and useful
Trendy and elegant
Effective and safe
Indispensable and recyclable
Simple and smart
Heartbreaking and reassuring

For all those who tear...

Teelty is the store that gives you strength! Enter our world Because it is often difficult to verbalize everything...Teelty comes to the rescue and makes your research task easier

Our Teelty online store invites you to celebrate every moment of life in originality and timelessness.


You are our priority

We work wholeheartedly to satisfy our customers, through the implementation of actions that highlight:

  • The competitiveness of our prices,
  • The quality of our product selections,
  • The clarity of our offers
  • The proximity of our customer service which accompanies you before, during and after the purchase

Our goal is to provide our visitors with a satisfying customer experience.


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