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4-in-1 electric vegetable cutter

4-in-1 electric vegetable cutter

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The electric portable vegetable cutter set 4 in 1  allows you to have within easy reach on the worktop:  
* A Meat Grinder
* A Vegetable Slicer
* A Mini Press 
* A Peeler 

No need to search for a multitude of kitchen utensils in the cupboards and drawers:  Knives, scissors, peelers</

The 4-in-1 electric vegetable cutter set allows you to have at your fingertips on the worktop:

  • A Meat Grinder
  • A Vegetable Slicer
  • A Mini Press
  • A Peeler

No need to search for a multitude of kitchen utensils in cupboards and drawers: knives, scissors, peelers, cutting board, mandoline, kitchen container, press, etc... No more cluttered worktop! You'll cook organized, comfortably and with clarity!

You won't be able to do without this lightweight and compact multifunctional set!

✔- Easy to use :

No tedious screwing or unscrewing of elements.

Before use, simply place and lock the blade in the correct position and that's it!

The stainless steel helices make it easy for you to cut your vegetables finely without getting tired. In slices or spaghetti, its silent and powerful motor will quickly cut all your vegetables for a fresh and delicious taste.

Cooked or dry ingredients such as cowpeas, yams, peppers, etc. can be directly inserted into the pot for purees, foutous and powders, etc.... The garlic slices and chili rings are uniform and beautiful...

✔- Easy to clean for this quality vegetable cutter :

Through the feed hole, it can be washed under running water at the tap by stirring for 5 seconds. If necessary, detergent can be added for quick brushing and removal of garlic odors: one-touch cleaning.

The handle tail does not tire you out and keeps your hands clean.

with detergent to start with a key, and

✔- High-quality material :

The included portable wireless mini garlic press uses ABS, PC material and a stainless steel blade, which is durable and corrosion-resistant.

It is also very convenient to add an ingredient, as the portable slicer slices food directly into the recovery pot, making it easier to pour it into the presentation plate.

The cut can be made directly in the table salad bowl or in the meal plate, eliminating the tedious steps of opening the lid and rotating the lid.

✔- A wide range of vegetable dishes :

This electric kitchen chopper is suitable for cutting garlic, ginger, peppers, carrots, onions, etc. You can present colorful and delicious composed salads for your friends. You'll be able to meet the demands of "bio" and vegetarian delicacies by always renewing your dishes.

Ideal for baby food, this mini fruit and vegetable grinder also allows you to crush cucumbers, bananas, mangoes, etc... into puree for presentation. You'll become a blue ribbon in organic baby food comfort and speed! ✔- Portable USB rechargeable cutter-peeler:

Easy to carry, this cutter-peeler can be charged by USB and used anytime, anywhere.

✔- Safe and hygienic :

The cutter-peeler uses a food-grade stainless steel blade, which is safe and hygienic.

✔- Suitable for various occasions :

This cutter-peeler is suitable for various occasions, such as family gatherings, outdoor BBQs, etc.

✔- Package included :

1 x Electric Vegetable Cutter Set 1 x USB Cable 1 x Manual

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