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Rotating and retractable mobile phone holder

Rotating and retractable mobile phone holder

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Don't miss this opportunity to offer you the rotatable and retractable car phone holder is ideal for your car ! Order now.


Driving safely while using your phone is now possible with this phone holder! This mount has been designed in such a way that it will not obstruct your view while driving. You can adjust the arm length of the mount to find the perfect viewing angle, and rotate it to your liking for a better and safer riding experience.

This phone holder is the ideal accessory for those who prefer not to look at their phone while driving, or who are not used to doing so. It is also suitable for the co-driver to kill time by watching videos or browsing the internet while driving. No need to be bored in the car! This phone holder allows you to fully enjoy your journey, while staying safe.


  • Safe browsing:

This phone holder is designed to allow you to drive safely while using your phone. It's mounted on your car's rearview mirror, allowing you to keep an eye on the road while viewing your route. No need to look down to follow your path!
  • One-handed operation:

this phone holder is easy to use even while driving. Its four-claw design holds your phone firmly in place, allowing you to put it in or take it out with just one hand. Whether you're riding on a bumpy road or a smooth highway, your phone will stay put. And the best part of it all? This holder is compatible with all mobile phones and all car models!
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  • 360 degree rotation:

thanks to this phone holder, you always have the ideal viewing angle. The arm of the holder can be retracted 0-5cm and rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust the angle of your phone as you wish. You will no longer have to contort yourself to see your screen!
  • Quality material:

This phone holder is made from premium ABS material, which makes it soft to the touch and resistant to deformation. It is easy to install and remove, leaving no marks on your car. You can use it without fear of damaging it!
  • Easy to fold and store:

This phone holder is easy to fold and store with its rotating design. You can take it with you wherever you go!
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  • Multiple uses:

this phone holder is versatile. You can use it for navigation, watching videos, making video calls, live streaming, recording videos or driving recordings, and much more. With this phone holder, you'll have everything you need to make your car journey more enjoyable and safer!

Image of the product offered for sale on the online store

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